Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Call to Action

This is a last call to Americans. I have taken some time out to present this the best way I can. I do not believe anyone in America today can say honestly they do not see the divide in our country. We have allowed ourselves to be divided and we have fallen. The question is how far will we allow ourselves to fall.

The reason for this fall is the two party domination of OUR political system. We have seen these two major parties not able to tackle the needs of America over and over again,but we continue to allow them to manipulate and abuse OUR present and future. We have seen little change, little progress in almost every major need for America.

I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat. If you are black,white,or any other color. We the people are not correctly represented. Matters such as health care, finance,poverty are never solved because of the two party dead lock. It is time we the people finnally stood up and take this power away.

Our founding fathers never had in mind that there should be a monopoly over our government by two parties. Nor did they have in mind men or woman running the system for entire life times.

If we the people ever want to have a say and send OUR nation on the right track, it can only be done by re-distibuting the power.The only way to begin to do this is in 2010. 

I have taken many comments from both sides into connsideration. A direct run for president would be impossible, being that these two parties are holding such power and funds. What we can begin to do is to take over the house and senate. It is important at this time in history that all seats up for a new term be filled with independent parties. We must continue this trend until the Democrats and the republicans only have as much power as the other parties.If it must be, then let us have up to 50 parties. One that represents there own states views and not there own parties views.

These parties are more accessable to the people. With such smaller power, they will have to vote on the issues and not the party.

If we the people have any interest in our land we can no longer allow it to be a two player game. This dynasty is the cause for almost all OUR countries problems. Equal and just representation is what we need. No more games, no more smoke and mirrors. Facts,responsiblity and accoutability to the American people.

Join us in VOTING THEM OUT 2010.

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