Sunday, December 13, 2009

You and I are the Answer

As we Americans have allowed ourselves to be divided into two parties, we have abandon our families, our children and our nation. As we look to government to be the answer to our problems we have allowed our representatives to become rulers instead of servers. We ignore the messages and attack the messenger.

Well, fellow Americans, let me tell you that the answer to your problems is in the mirror you look into every morning. We can no longer ignor our self responsibility. We as American must stand up and restore our nation.

Our founding fathers never had in mind a two party duopoly over our politcal system. It is a open field for greed and corruption. I do not care what party you claim to be, I don't care what your religion race or sexual preference is. What I do care about is if you are an American and wish to save our nation.

Both of these two parties, have spent, spent , spent us into our childrens future. We have seen an education system that has failed, an imigration policy that has failed, a FED controled monatary system that has failed, a health care system that is failed, etc. and yet we continue to vote the same two parties into office and await that things will change.

Well, my fellow Americans, these two parties will NOT change anything for the positive in the USA. All one has to do is look where the stimulus money has gone, see that both sides have filled every bill with pork once again as we as Americans our loosing more jobs , more homes, more of our and our families future.

So, what is the answer? The answer is you. You, as the Average American, need to stand up and take control. That control begins at home. 1) Get out of debt and stop spending money you do not have. 2) Get out and vote in 2010, but not for one of these two parties. We must divide the power so that no one has the ability to abuse it. No more duopoly of the system. We need reprentatives that are directly accountable to the people. I would love to see a independent party from every state. 50 parties voting on the issues as the issue effects the people that voted them into office. 

We the people know the answers. Its time we stop allowing the government to take the responsibility from us and dictate their answers which are mostly based on their power and control.

You are the answer fellow Americans. The revolution starts at the voting box in 2010. I hope you will stand up to YOUR call of duty to OUR great nation. May God bless you and May God Bless America!

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