Sunday, December 13, 2009


We, the Citizens undersigned here in partisan effort, have agreed that the following is true.

The two party system has locked the United States government in a situation that is antithetical to the spirit of Republican Democracy which is  the basis of our nation. We feel that the only sound solution is for a new voice to enter the field. A voice based not in adversarial gamesmanship, but in the concepts of Constitutional doctrine, individual liberty, and responsible governance.

To this end we have formed The Citizen's Party based on the following principles:

We require representatives who consider issues based on Constitutional legality, viability, and efficiency not ideological aggrandizement.

We require criminal laws that deal with interpersonal offenses and do not interfere with personal decisions or legislate morality.

We require fiscal policy that is based on sound money management and not promoting personal , corporate or other institutional agendas to the detriment of the national coffers. 

We require economic laws that do not interfere with the ability to conduct legitimate business, but clearly define illegitimate business and provide meaningful oversight for assuring that the lines are being maintained. 

We require social policy that allows Citizens to share the burden of common needs without deciding for Citizens how they shall approach the details of handling those needs.

We require military strategy designed to defend our nation from attack, not to build an explicit, or even de facto, international empire.

We require a foreign policy designed to promote fair trade and good diplomatic relations, not to remake sovereign nations in our own image.

We require accountability and transparency of our representatives in the government.

It is our intent to serve our principles, and those Citizens who agree with us, in the halls of American government. We intend to reform the corrupted system with policies based on these principles. It is our goal to fulfill the American dream of a nation where the only differences between Citizens can be found within themselves.

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  1. Wonderful common sense here, but however will the masses be swayed?